Kamal Bhardwaj

My story

After completing my intensive doctorate in environmental biotechnology and working as a lecturer at university, I felt a longing to travel. It grew stronger every day. I gave up my job at university and started traveling and discovering the world. In the process,

I discovered my passion for “traveling and showing”. I learned German in my home country of India and for years accompanied numerous German-speaking travelers in many countries. While guiding tours, I gained a lot of experience, discovered new travel routes and found my own way of making the trips even more eventful.

I wanted to share everything I experienced with others. That's how the idea of founding “Flying Elephant Tours and Leisure” came about. My goal is to constantly discover new travel routes that go off the beaten track and in doing so offer you special, authentic and eventful trips. I met my wife (a native of Hamburg) on a trip. I now live with my family in the Netherlands.