Travel Guarantee

Enjoy the security of STO Garant. We are a listed member of its website.

Your booking payment is protected by a recognized guarantee system. Instead of paying the money for your booking directly to us, you pay it into a trust account (customer fund) under the name 'Stichting Derdengelden Certo Escrow inzake STO Garant' via the STO Garant platform. The amount paid will be kept in this account until the end of your package tour. The amount will then be automatically released to us on the day after the end of the package tour. If we are unable to meet our obligations to you due to financial incapacity, you will receive a refund or, if you are still traveling, you will be repatriated.


How does it work?

  1. As soon as you have received the booking confirmation from us, you will receive an email from STO Garant with an explanation of the payment for your booking. So you don't pay us anything directly.
  2. After your payment you will receive a confirmation e-mail from STO Garant as soon as your booking amount is kept in reserve. After you have received an e-mail confirmation from STO Garant, the guarantee applies..


1 tour with us = 1 year carefree travelling

Book 1 Tour with us and enjoy the LTA travel insurance for 1 year for your all other trips. We take over 50% of your travel insurance premium.

How does it work?

  1. After you have booked a trip with us, close the desired travel insurance directly from our partner insurer via the following link.
  2. You send us the premium bill and we reimburse you 50 % of the premium.
  3. If you cancel the journey booked with us, you pay us back the amount we have taken on for your travel insurance.

* You make the insurance directly with LTA insurance. We are only an intermediary and are not liable for the insurer's benefits and services.

Safe and carefree
STO Travel Guarantee