Tree in your name

च्छायामन्यस्य कुर्वन्ति तिष्ठन्ति स्वयमातपे ।
फलान्यापि परार्थाय वृक्षाः सत्पुरुषाः इव ॥

Trees stand in sun and give shade to others. Their fruits are also for others.
Similarly good people go through all hardships for welfare of others.

Did you know that 1 mature large tree can provide enough oxygen for a family of 4 people? Adding 1 tree to an open pasture can increase its bird biodiversity from almost zero species to as high as 80?

After planting a tree they can contribute to the care of nature. As the tree reach the maturity age we take an small part of wood from it and let the local artisan write ‘Thanks to take care of nature’ and we sent this small gift to our guest per post.

We plant a tree
in your name